If you haven’t seen ESPN’s Britt McHenry’s temper tantrum that was posted on Live Link then you have to be living under a rock. Yet again we have a misbehaving sports story that is making the rounds of mainstream news, only this time its a female who is in trouble with her antics.

McHenry is seen at a towing company window berating the cashier, calling her stupid, fat, ugly, and uneducated. Really McHenry is a big bully in the video. She looks like a total brat.

Now ESPN has suspended her for one week and McHenry has done the “sorry but not sorry” apology.


Is Britt McHenry’s Behavior Bad for Female Sports Fans?

Yes, but not in the blatant way you might thing. Already many male sports fans, including my husband, think of women on the sideline “eye-candy” without good information of the sport they’re covering. So when we have one of these “pieces of eye candy” seen on a video having a hissy fit it damages female sports fans.

McHenry, and any other female reporter and sports fan owes it to our community to behave like a lady – I mean it wasn’t like Jayme Luckie was towing the car (people should totally yell at him).  Yes you can be mad, frustrated, and pissed off but save it for Yelp like the rest of us.

What’s sad is that McHenry is really good at her job – she was brought up to the “big leagues” of ESPN last year and primarily stays in the Washington DC market. She’s covered all of the DC teams including the Redskins, Nationals, and Capitals. She’s been described as professional and sunny according to media insiders.

photo courtesy of Britt McHenry Instagram

photo courtesy of Britt McHenry Instagram

Maybe McHenry was having a really bad day. I’ve been towed and it SUCKS. But, NO ONE should bully anyone – particularly in this day and age where we’re all filmed – seriously it was just a towed car which yes is annoying and a hassle but it didn’t warrant McHenry personally attacking the employee.

Hopefully this all blows over soon but the real question is “does this impact female sports fans.”

I think it does – BIG time – because for many men we’re already seen as interlopers. I can’t tell you how many times I speaking to male sports fans and it always turns into: “Man she’s talking some shit.” Yet if another man says the same thing it’s often “a good point.”


As women in sports we always have an uphill battle to be respected for our opinions – and for decent bathrooms in ball parks. Having one of ESPN’s sideline reporters (who is seen by millions) caught having bad behavior is a bad reflection on the female sports fan.

So I hope McHenry learns from this mistake, and next time takes a deep breath. Remember your Gal Pals need you to represent us like the awesome you typically are.

I’d love to know your thoughts about this story. You can follow me @SportsGalPal on Twitter.

Lane Bryant is offering plus size female fans great shirts for football season

Let’s Go Eagles!

San Diego visits The City of Brotherly Love

Both of these teams made big impressions last Monday – only one came up with the W.

As an Eagles fan I’m completely bias for my team – love this new offense, its so cool to watch (when it’s your team running it – notice I haven’t written a post about Oregon visiting UVa because well its still painful).  The NFL is not ready for this quick running offense.

What is interesting is that passing yards the Chargers had the advantage – 183 passing yards.  But the Eagles rushing yards are literally off the chart according to NFL.com.

If the Eagles don’t win you’ll hear a ton of I told you so’s from NFL experts.

We’ll see.

Take a look later for my previews of the Manning

roll tideI am a terrible Sports Gal Pal because I have not kept up with posts.  Sorry, new grown up job (that includes blogging of all things) and back to back major home games for UVa (1-1) mean that I’ve been busy.

But not too busy to keep my thoughts about the upcoming match up between Alabama and Johnny Football.  That’s right I said it because besides Johnny Manziel what other players can you name that play for A&M?

Thought so.

I haven’t shared my feelings on the whole Johnny Football acting like a moron with all of you.  I have found his actions to be immature, annoying, and frankly unbecoming a man.

But he isn’t my quarterback so really I don’t care.  I mean lets think about what he has been accused of, earning money from his own name.  College athletics is one of the few times where we are not allowed to sell our own image.  Seems strange and greedy for the schools and the NCAA to line its coffers at the expense of the student athlete.  Now I realize that the student athlete gets the chance to earn an education but still there needs to be a better system.

But that thought aside it doesn’t excuse the silliness that is Johnny Football.  Here are some of the reasons:

  1. A June 29, 2012 arrest for disorderly conduct, failure to identify, and possession of a false driver’s license.
  2. Early departure from the Manning Passing Academy after oversleeping
  3. Tweeting that he “can’t wait to leave College Station” after receiving a parking ticket
  4. Getting kicked out of a University of Texas fraternity party (hello why is an Aggie at a Longhorn anything?)
  5. And of course the allegations that he accepted payments from autographs he signed during the BCS championship game in January 2013.

Plus he is just seems like an asshole – not someone I want to cheer on the gridiron.

But, I’m pulling for him today.

The reason.  Alabama beat Virginia Tech in their season opening and if Bama loses it makes Tech look stupid – and I love it when Turkey football looks stupid.

The experts are picking Bama – and I don’t blame them.  Bama coach Nick Saban has only lost a total of 13 games since becoming the coach of the Tide.  LSU is the only team to defeat them in a row.  Plus Bama is coming off a bye week after beating Virginia Tech (I wonder how many times I can mention it before I start becoming obnoxious?) while A&M hasn’t really played anyone.

The game will come down to who controls the pace of the game- last year Texas A&M figured out how to do that – lets hope in all of the Johnny Football crazy they can figure it out again.



courtesy of cbssports.com

courtesy of cbssports.com

It’s time! NFL football!


On deck in my house will be the Atlanta Falcons vs the New Orleans Saints and then the Green Bay Packers vs the San Fransisco 49ers.

Here are some things to look out for these match ups:


What a great way to start Sunday – so many story lines here are a few of my favorites:

Sean Peyton is back will that help?

After a season long suspension after the Bounty-gate scandal – the Saints main coach is back and that should hopefully mean some stability for that franchise.  Also be on the look out for Rob Ryan as the new defensive coordinator.

Watch for the fans to be loud and out of control as many (including myself) thought that Godell and his goons were too heavy handed over the who bounty thing.

Drew Brees had over 5,000 yards last season.  Look for him to find Marques Colston often.  And its nice in this land of crazy mobile QBs to see a true pocket passer.

Can ATL get to the promise land?

They were so close! Only a few plays came between the Falcons and an appearance in the Super Bowl.  Now Matt Ryan and crew are back to seal the deal.

Last season Ryan had close to 5,000 yards and 32 touchdowns and with the crew of Michael Turner, Roddy White, and Julio Jones I expect another banner year.  Plus Tony Gonzalez coming back for one last shot at the trophy.


This will be a true challenge for ATL – a division rival road game in an arena filled with some of the craziest fans possible.  If Ryan can connect with his offense I look for them to do well.

Green Bay vs San Fran

Another fantastic game with two teams who will look to their Quarterbacks to lead.  Now in his first year as the full starter, San Fran QB Colin Kaepernick wants to get back to the Superbowl – only with a win this time.

But the NFC is full of tough challenges and Green Bay is no joke.  Aaron Rodgers is consistently one of the best quarterbacks in the league period.

But I just have a feeling that San Fran is looking really good.  Plus when they can get good rushing game play in gear its hard to stop them.


It is one of my favorite times of year – Football is back.

Like right now – you shouldn’t be reading this blog – you should in fact be watching football.

I think that Peyton Manning and the Broncos are going to pull out a win- but its 50/50 – Broncos are missing key personnel to injury and suspension – and Baltimore is the first Super Bowl Champ in a long time that doesn’t feel likely to repeat – or even make the payoffs.

But that is what makes this moment so awesome – at the very moment anything is possible – including my Eagles finally getting the ring.

But I’m not holding my breath.

So Happy Football to Everyone.

billie jean

billie jeanThe legend, trailblazer, and kiss-ass tennis star, Billie Jean King is going to be profiled on PBS’ American Masters on Tuesday, September 10.  This is the first time this program will feature a sports figure and it comes during the anniversary of King’s famous win in the Battle Against the Sexes Tennis match against Bobby Riggs.

Here is the trailer – American Masters: Billie Jean King

Watch Trailer: Billie Jean King on PBS. See more from American Masters.

If you don’t know about King she is amazing and an important figure in sports.  Here are some highlights

1. She won 39 Grand Slam titles – 12 singles, 16 women’s doubles, and 11 mixed doubles

2. She was the first female and tennis player named Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year award in 1972 (she shared the honor with the equally amazing John Wooden)

3. In 1972 she won a career Grand Slam winning all four Grand Slam tournaments in a single year.

4. She won record 20 career titles at Wimbledon – six singles, ten women’s doubles, and four mixed doubles.

6. In 2006 the USTA National Tennis Center in New York City was renamed the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center

King is most famous for defeating Bobby Riggs in straight sets in the match now known as The Battle of the Sexes.

In front of the television audience of 50 million people in 37 countries King beat Riggs (who claimed that at his age of 55 he could beat any woman on the planet).  This match not only was important for promoting women’s athletics but also the sport of tennis itself.

Plus, Elton John famously wrote his hit single Philadelphia Freedom about Billie Jean King!

American Masters by the way is one of my favorite shows (yeah yeah I’m a nerd). According to its website, American Masters explores the lives and creative journeys of our most “enduring writers, musicians, visual performing artists, dramatists, and filmmakers … who have left an indelible impression on our cultural landscape.


rc_190805_1XAs a plus size woman it can be tricky to navigate fan clothing with my curves.  Thankfully Lane Bryant is offering several tees this season to support some of your favorite teams.

Now, not all the teams are featured here is the current list:

  • New York Giants
  • New England Patriots
  • New York Jets
  • Chicago Bears
  • Baltimore Ravens
  • Green Bay Packers
  • Philadelphia Eagles
  • Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Denver Broncos
  • San Fransisco 49ers
  • New Orleans Saints

Now looking at the shirt it looks really loose and comfortable – which depending on where you carry your weight could be good or bad.  It is made of cotton and according to reviews is very flattering.

I can’t wait to buy mine (hint people at Lane Bryant I would gladly take an Eagles one) and right now LB is offering a 40% off coupon so the regular price of $39.95 reduces to $23.97 – and if you have a LB near you get it shipped free to the store and save on shipping.  Hurry the coupon ends August 11th!

Lane Bryant is offering plus size female fans great shirts for football season

Lane Bryant is offering plus size female fans great shirts for football season

I found this SO enjoyable . . .


Too often I meet women who when they find out I’m a sports fan give me a version of this statement

“That’s great, but I could never understand sports.”

Grrrr! seriously ladies, it isn’t as complicated as you would expect – the challenge is you need an entry point.  Something that will make sports interesting, fun, and exciting and not sweaty athletes chasing after a ball.

My own sports story is that I was a causal fan growing up but once I got together with my husband I knew that I was going to become a sports widow unless I figured out a way to get involved.  I went to the library and checked out Football for Dummies by Howie Long – seriously it’s a great reference guide to understand the basics.  And once I knew the basics it didn’t feel like a foreign language when someone mention yards, downs, or pass interference.

Then I started to pay attention to sports media – especially listening to sports radio while in the car.  After doing these things I started talking to my husband about different topics and you know what I discovered?

I knew more than he did.

Women, because of our attention to detail we’re great at fact and figures – which is a large part of the fan experience.

Don’t let not knowing stop you from participating – instead do this:

  1. Start small – one team or player  – enough to peak your interest
  2. Follow my twitter feed – okay shameless plug but still it’s a great place when games are going on because seeking the live tweets gives you more perspective
  3. Find your own local sports guru – and become friends with that person – Mine is Nick Cattles who is around my age, super nice, and really gets into topics without being too complicated.  Plus his show is online and on the radio so he’s easy to listen to.
  4. Participate in Fantasy Football or when NCAA tournament time comes in March – having a connection to the games and events makes you want to pay attention


Football season is only a month away – thank goodness!

This means that football teams from pee wee to NFL are in training camps all across the country.  And for the fans it is a great time to meet and greet with your favorite players.

Unless you’re lifelong Redskins fan Kimberly Lewis.

Lewis attended the Redskin training camp in Richmond, VA and spent almost six hours waiting to get access to in her words any player for an autograph.  When this didn’t happen she posted a video of herself crying entitled “Redskins training camp – Devastated” on You Tube.

Redskins Fan Has Hissy Fit

Really? Really?  This is why guys often don’t take female fans seriously.  I think it is perfectly appropriate to cry when your team loses – or when it was a really big win.  But to have a hissy fit because you didn’t meet any players? Hello, the players are there to work – and yes mingle somewhat with fans – but to get ready for the season.

Since Ms. Lewis considers herself a lifelong fan perhaps she should cry and post a video about the sad state of the Redskins since Dan Snyder purchased the team.  The revolving door of players and quarterbacks that have so much promise and deliver so little in wins.

But no, Ms. Lewis has a hissy fit in her bedazzled jersey because she just wanted a player – ANY player – to autograph something.

Ms. Lewis has since suggested she is four months pregnant and her hormones caused her hysteria – I guess her hormones also forced her to tape it and then post it on YouTube.  I personally don’t remember having a desire to post videos to the internet during either of my two pregnancies but that’s just me.

BTW according to YouTube this is her ONLY video posted.

Dear Redskins Organization – do not reward this temper tantrum by giving this woman access to your players! Just like a small child she needs a time out and maybe a nap.

Others agree with me – especially these fans of the Redskins rival team the Dallas Cowboys who decided to have a bit of fun inspired by Ms. Lewis.