Welcome to #GalPalNation

The Sports Gal Pal LogoThe Sports Gal Pal started with an idea to have a place where female fans could come to learn about and discuss issues surrounding sports.

I became a sports fan as a way to relate to my husband and it has been such a blessing for our family. We have spent countless hours watching sports, discussing lots of topics – including everything from trades to major societal issues –¬† and most of all spending quality time together. Sports is our one thing we have in common that doesn’t have anything to do with bills, kids, and life.

Sports is an escape, can become part of you, and is just a ton of fun. This is your space to get into the details and ask the questions. I’ll guide you through and if I don’t know I’ll have access to the people who do.

There are several ways to get information  and join the #GalPalNation:

The blog is where I get into some of meat of topics. It’s the heart of the Sports Gal Pal experience.

The podcast this is new but I’m so excited about this opportunity. The Sports Gal Pal Podcast is hosted by BlogTalkRadio.com and is a weekly show featuring me and some great guests breaking down sports.